Sunday, September 4, 2011

I am the real deal now

Look what I got yesterday:

Shoes I won two weeks ago. Well, I won the certificate and I could choose the shoes. And I liked these. Unfortunately, it seems that I will not be able to try them out any time soon:(((

I also got this:
(Imagine tri shorts, because who would want to see a picture of tri shorts...they are not that interesting)
I used gift card I won two weeks ago. (Winning races is fun. They give you stuff.)

And also this:

An aero helmet! Cool, isn't it? I did not win this one though. I got it for my babysitting services. The guy whose kids I babysit bought a new (better and fancier) one and he gave me his old one. And it fits me! It is not the best aerohelmet ever I suppose but it is definitelly better than my $16 helmet from Walmart. Someone told me that an aerohelmet is the best "bang for the buck" in TT world. So we shall see. I have a TT on Thursday and now that I have a real bike, real biking shoes and pedals and shorts and aerohelmet, I should be fast:)

He also gave me all his old triathlete magazins because, oh God, he knows I need help...
It was him who told me that I should do the crit race on Monday. I signed up and then he told me that I was very brave because it is going to be a mayhem. Oh well, thanks, you should have told me beforehand. I signed up and then I asked him what 35min + 2laps mean. He probably rolled his eyes and started praying for me.

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