Saturday, September 10, 2011


So, you know that I have been eating shit and behaving like an ass last week and I think that it might be a reason why I felt like shit yesterday and today in the pool. (Excuse my language there please.)

So there might be something to that theory that food and lifestyle contribute to the performance. Hm. I have never really cared and have never really paid attention to it. But maybe it is true. It is probably also true that I am not 20 anymore, so maybe now I should pay more attention to this stuff.
We shall see.

My swim workout today Surprising, isn't it? I worked my a$$ off and still was not even close to hitting my paces.
All those swimmers out there probably do not get this but us non-swimmers experience this quite often. I was trying to go fast but I just could not. Should I kick my legs more? Should I increase the stroke frequency? I just COULD NOT go faster. I did not know how.
It has happened to me before. It is weird feeling.

Then I went on elliptical. 20min. I did not want to do more because I do not want to mees up ITB again. If it feels good, I will do more tomorrow. Maybe 30-40min. We shall see about that as well.

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  1. "So there might be something to that theory that food and lifestyle contribute to the performance." Pretty sure it's not a theory... ;) It's all about nutrition and sleep. Taking little breaks and letting yourself go for a few days here and there is certainly NOT the end of the world, but you see why we don't do it too often- those first few workouts back tend to SUCK. Not surprised. ;) Your swim will come back when you are able to get in the water consistently 4-5x/week. Hang in there. And go to bed. (And I know I owe you several emails... they're coming once I get my ass off the couch.)