Friday, September 16, 2011

I wish this post was about something completely different

This was supposed to be a race goals post! But you know, I am not able to race on Sunday, so no race goals post.
But I will tell you one thing, I had a perfect plan. Swim that swim as if it was a swim race. Swim hard and turn myself inside out! And then hang on for the rest. And go sub-40:30 for a 10k. And sub-2:20 for the whole thing. Well, it will have to wait till next year.

ITB feels good. I am going to start doing elliptical workouts. I am sure that it won't hurt the ITB. I need to be super careful because I have 5k race in 4 weeks. And rather be undertrained than injured and not be able to do it all together.

But I am doing biking race next weekend. It is 40 miles, on trails, roads, uphills, downhills. A friend has lended me his crossroad bike. So now I ave 4 bikes in my apartment:) I am running out of space. And I managed to persuade the race director to let me race as an elite. Ha. You see I am not that fast but it is a small local race, only second year running, and female racers are rare. So I send him an email rambling about my 2 bike races I did and 2 triathlons where I had the fastest female bike split and he had agreed to let me race in elite category. Which means that I will likely not win anything because it seems that only 1st place in each category. Maybe I should have raced in a different category and win another gift card. But as an elite I do not have to pay entry fee. So it probably evens out. And they have a post-race ice cream eating contest. Isn't that awesome??? I need to shoot an email to RD and see whether I can talk him into putting me into elite cat there as well:)

As I was leaving work today, I saw our department minivan standing there. Cool. So I went back, took the keys and now I have car for the weekend. It is very convenient. I went swimming today (wow, hard swim, my pool arms). I walked into the Y, dressed normaly, and the guy at the front desk asked me, "you did not bike in to Too cold for you? I would not mind." I was like " hm, well....." and went my way. It is funny, when I bike everyone considers that normal now. Then one day I do not bike and everyone is asking me questions what happened. I came there on Wednesday in pissing rain and no questions. Funny. BTW, that guy is kind of cute:)

Anyone want to see me biking? :)

And let me explain cupcake story now. This one is for Michelle. You know I can eat cupcakes, muffins, cookies for breakfast, lunch, dinner...well, anytime for every meal. But I do not do that anymore. I have not had muffins since...I do not remember.
But I ate couple cupcakes today for the second breakfast, and a few cookies. A collegue is leaving and moving to LA so we had a small go-away party. So. But from now on, I am a good girl again!

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