Friday, September 23, 2011

Race goals

Only one: WIN. And of course I am talking about ice cream eating competition they have after the bike race. For bike race, my goal is to have fun but of course work hard.
I have borrowed a crossroad bike, breaks are somehow working (but it is a race, you should not break, right:)), seat is adjusted, pedals are fastened so I am ready to go.

I just hope it does not rain. I has been raining the whole morning today so it might be a mess tomorrow and if it rains tomorrow it will be even worse. And I have zero desire to bike there in a rain, do the race and then bike back home in rain. Blah.

But I am looking forward to it!!! It will be fun. And I am racing like an elite, how cool is that?
I will keep you posted tomorrow.

Did a short elliptical workout today. 10min w/up, 4x 3min hard w/1.5min easy rec, 10min c/d. I got HR up to 175-185 for the last 1.5min of those 3min so it was decent effort but it is still nothing like running:(

Then I did a swim workout. Just easy swim (for the most part, there were some hard parts) but my arms were trashed from yesterday. Really.

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