Monday, September 12, 2011

Let's try this again

In late spring and early summer everytime I started running I would do easy longish (15-30min) runs 2-4/week and my ITB always flared up after 2 weeks of doing that and I had to take 2-3 weeks off and then start over again.
Until I decided to stop those easy runs completely and do only speedwork and voila, ITB did not hurt and slowly healed (until I did a very stupid mistake of running 5miles on those trails).

It has been almost 2 weeks now and ITB feels good again. No pain, no pressure. So I figured that I should start running again, but this time forget about trying to get back to it with easy runs.
So I did 1k w/up, 3x6x200 in 40sec with 1min rest and 3min btw sets, 400m c/d.
ITB no problem, no pain, no pressure.
Although I was out of breath and felt out of shape. But I still have almost 5 weeks to get to shape.
I will probably continue with this and use ellptical for "easy"long runs.

BUT I have PT evaluation session on Wednesday so will see what they tell me. Maybe they will say that I should not run for a while, but I doubt it. That would be just dumb.

ALso did a swim today. Very easy, recovery swim. Although I did quite a lot of paddle work so it was not really that recovering...
And here we go again. Now that pool is to its normal evening hours, I am again the last person to leave the Y at night and I do not get home until 10:15ish. Oh well.

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