Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nothing new around here

ITB feels better every day but I am not going to run yet.
I did some research and phone calls today and my insurance might cover PT. So I went to couple PT places where I have learnt that Michigan law requires referal to be able to get PT so now I need to find a physician or someone to refer me. I have never really been to see a doctor in the US (except for some required exams at school). Well, I actually don't have a physician in Slovakia neither because I am just never ill so I do not go there.
The PT guy told me that I can try urgent care or walk-in clinic to get referal. So I will try to go to walk-in clinic in CVS pharmacy tomorrow, maybe they can refer me...

Did an easy bike ride today. 80min, just to loosen up legs and get time in the saddle.

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