Sunday, September 11, 2011

Putting my &h!@n together

I was supposed to do only 1h40m w/ 2xtempo today but since I am not racig enxt weekend and I did not do TT on Thursday I decided to go longer.

So I warmed for 1h15min taking a longer route to the park, then did my tempos and then 1h back. So 3h total.

Those tempos were at HR 170 and it was easy. Really easy. This is driving me nuts. It should be gettig harder! Or maybe my tempo HR is higher. Hm, I do not know.

But I did it in the park, not on a regular road with its ups, downs and stops.
I think that I need to start doing more rides on open roads instead of in "controlled" environment of a park because riding by HR in a closed almost-flat park (although these wussy Michiganiars think that the park is not flat, but I think that it is) is different from riding on open roads. I think that it is important to learn to ride by HR on roads because IM is on roads.

Although tempos felt easy, I felt tired and legs felt trashed on my way home. I am not used to such long rides anymore!

Then I took a rest, watched a movie, almost felt asleep on a floor and then went to the gym.
I did 60min on an elliptical! ITB felt ok. So I will probably continue doing that.


  1. Your HR was higher on the bike at easier perceived effort bc you are more rested/fresh since you're not running...

  2. I was not running last week either...:(
    But it is probalby true that I was fresher since this was my "doing-nothing-sitting-on-my-ass" week.