Friday, September 30, 2011

Everything and more

I have not been blogging because I am busy and lazy.

On Wednesday I did a bike workout, hill repeats and it was not that great. It was raining little bit and I did not feel great.

Yesterday I wanted to go do elliptical workout but I did not because I am lazy. I need to have a more solid training structure for this. But I want to run, not ellipticate! ITB has been feeling very very good in last few days and I even got a direct massage of the spot where it bothers me and I felt nothing. Even direct pressure does not irritate it anymore. I am definitelly going to run next week!

I had a great swim yesterday. The best swim ever. I am so fast:) I saw times that I have never seen before. Ok, I have seen such times before but they were all-out efforts and yesterday they were just hard solid efforts. It seems that I am finally starting to get swimming. I am super excited about it!!!!!!!!!!!

I am off to ellipticate now and then easy swim workout. I need to keep it easy because I have decided to do the bike race tomorrow. I am little scared. I was scared a lot at the beginning of the week but it seems that I am slowly forgeting how much pain and how miserable last weekend's race was.
It has been raining every single day this week and it is supposed to be super cold and windy tomorrow. It is cold and windy now actually, my hands were freezing on my way from work and I was wearing gloves! So tomorrow will be even more miserable than last week. Going through all that mud and against the wind...Blah.
But you know what, I am not really scared. I am starting to look forward to it. Although I know that I will be cursing a lot tomorrow, whole 39 miles I have signed up for.
Wish me look!

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