Wednesday, September 7, 2011


So I know that my insurance will cover PT. I found a PT who will take me. Now I just need to find someone who will refer me and that proves to be more difficult than I thought.
I went to urgent care and walk-in clinic as PT told me but those do not give referal. So I need to go to see a regular doctor. But where to find one, where to fins one....I spend more than one hour biking back and forth trying to find one but well, everything is closed by the time I get out of work.

So no run, no swim, no real bike. I did stretch cords though. I should do that more often. Maybe that will help me to become a better swimmer.

Btw, have you heard about the plane crash in Russia today? Plane with the whole Locomotiv Jaroslavl hockey team on board crashed:( One of the best Slovak players was on board.


  1. That PT you want will be able to tell you which local MDs refer to his/her clinic... So ask the PT who to go see. :)

  2. I did ask him, he told me to go to urgent care or walk-in clinic because I told him I didn't have a physician.
    The problem is that I need someone who has office within my diameter of operation so I can get there on a bike.