Saturday, September 3, 2011


This was the second time I stayed on roads for my long ride. I did rides on roads efore but I usually stay on one particular road (loop that takes 20min) near my house because that's the only kind of smooth and safe road. But Saturday morning roads are ok. Relatively.

I kind of liked it, but it was kind of hard! I was trying to stay at 140-155 but the road I chose was kind of hilly (Michigan hilly...) and thus sometimes I went over and sometimes lower but most of the time I was in the right range.

I think that it was hard because there were those little rolling hills and a few stop signs so it was not all stable pace, which makes for harder riding. Or maybe just I am getting more aerobicall fit and thus HR 150 is harder to hold.

2.5h and I stay on aero most of the time. Still lot of work to do before I will be able to stay in aero for 112miles. It is not that it is not comfortable, but I think that I need to buy better cycling shorts. Mine are not that good. Or maybe I will get tri shorts.

I am off to babysiting now. Friend is piking me up, taking me to NB store to pick running shoes I won two weeks ago and then to bike store to use the gift card I also won. And then to her house to watch the children overnight.

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