Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hello from Hannover! or "travelling foam roller"

Interesting, it seems that English-speaking countries spell Hannover with one "n" whereas in Germany they spell it with "nn". Although on the send thought it is not that interesting, there are a lot of cities that are spelled differently in different languages.

Anyway, I am still alive. I just did not have internet. Now I have one, paying 40Eur/month for it. Oh well, I cannot function without it.

Training-wise I have not done anyhthing this week. Bike is still in the box (and even if it was not I would not be able to use it because I had to do a million things in last 2 days and it is dark when I come from work anyway), I could not go swimming because I did not know where since I cannot google swiming pools addresses online and running...I might go run tomorrow.

Hannover is ok, although, sure the guy in the "internet store" and the lady in a town hall had to repeat everything twice for me because I did not understand the first time but so far so good:) Although I cannot find how to write @ using German keyboard.

Since I started this blog 2 years or so ago I have lived in France, then Michigan, then California, 1 month in Slovakia, then Michigan, then 2 months agai in Slovakia and now I am in Germany. And I brough my foam roller when I was in Michigan the first time, then I carried it with me to Cali, then to Slovakia for a month, then back to Michigan, then it was with me in Slovakia last 2 months and now it is in Hannover. What an interesting life that foam roller leads, don't you think?:)

But you know what? I was really looking forward to coming here and I am happy to be here, but when I woke up on Wednesday morning before going to the airport I really did not want to go. All I wanted was to stay at home with my mommy and daddy and my grandparents who would take care of me and where I will have someone close.

I hope to be back soon with a training update where I will write that I actually did something.

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  1. i was wondering when i saw the title, how many places you've lived in since i've "known" you.
    it's natural to want to stay amongst one's support group. you'll adapt! (probably faster than your support group will!).