Thursday, March 15, 2012

Getting into a routine

I might be slowly finding my routine. It is not "finalized" yet but better than before. Unfortunately (or fortunately) it seems that by the time I get into a set-in-a-stone routine I will be out of here and will have to start a new quest.
It is not yet decided whether it's good or bad since I am hoping to get work visa soon and go to the US, and that would be fortunate. But trying to find a routine will be unfortunate.

This is my plan for now:
M run
T run + swim (wkout)
W swim
Th swim
F run + swim (wkout)
Sat run + bike + run
Sun bike + swim (wkout)

Or something like that.
I will add more biking to the mix after the daylight savings time change.

I did a swim workout today after work. I went to that pool for seniors and it was not that bad actually. I spend almost 1 hour working on gliding and looser arm recovery. I think that I am getting better with my right arm, not that great with the left arm.

Lot of work ahead of me.

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