Wednesday, March 7, 2012

20 min run and "complain of the day"

Nothing special or interesting. This is mostly for running log purposed although I have a feeling that I will never get to actually start one. But one never knows.

ITB feels ok even now aftrwards. We shall see whether it does not flare up overnight.

I have been to Hannover for a week now. Time flies, does not it? So far I have learnt how to write @ on German keybord, that Hannoverians do not look right or left when crossing a street and that I speak like an idiot. Interestingly I know that I speak like an idiot, or rather soon after I say something I realize that I said something totally grammatically idiotic, but hey, people understand me and I do not care what they think.
Or maybe it is not that interesting because I knew the same thing was happening when I came to the US and then to France. (I still talk like an idiot in both English and French, just not that often:))

And dang! I was hoping that Bayern Munchen will come play to Hannover while I am here but no. Hannover goes to Munich. I love Bayern Munchen! Not that I am a huge soccer fun but a lot of years ago I read an article about how Ottmar Hitzfeld (former coach) changed their game tactics and it was all explained there and I have been fascinated by BM ever since. (I was also fascinated by Oliver Kahn, former goalkeeper, not sure why thought. His blond hair I guess.). Although I got little less enthusiastic after I watched 1999 Champions League finals (OMG, it has been 13 yeras!!!)on TV and those idiots lost 2-1 to Manchester United who scored 2 goals in last 2 minutes of injury time! I almost cried, they broke my heart and I got mad at them. Anyway, seems that the only way I might ever see BM play is watching those Champions League broadcasts. Or I can travel to Munich, which of course I will not do.

And another complain: what?!? Daylight saving time change is on March 25? Why so late. I need it NOW so I can do something training related after work! You lucky Americans.

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  1. I never thought about that...about how Europe's Daylight savings is later - BOO is right. Glad to hear the IT Band is feeling better!!!