Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Swim and almost run

I decided that I will try the 4th time! 4th time a charm, right? Of course not.

I was hoping that when I go to the pool in the early morning only swimmers will be there. And sure enough, there were swimmers only (otherwise there are kids, non-swimmers, non-swimmer kids etc all in total chaos) but the average age in this pool was 70+.

Ok, it was not as bad as other pools I went to so I stopped being a wuss about it and I went in.
Of course there are no lane dividers and there is no way I can do intervals because I might kill someone (unless I am thrown out first) but I wanted to do easy swim concentrating on my technique anyway. Mission accomplished.

I brushed my hair while running to catch a bus to work. I also put on face lotion (still running) and ate my breakfast in the bus. I was indeed very representative in work today.

But then I pulled the trigger and contacted a swim coach from the local tri club. I don't want to join them because it is too expensive but I would like to do their swim practices with them. He told me to come to his practice next Tuesday but whether I can join them for just swims without being a member does not depend on him so we will talk to responsable person on Tuesday and see.
They seem to be quite decent. They have different coaches for each sport, a lot of training opportunities and I think that one of their female members holds IM Austria record.
Anyway, I will see next Tuesday whether I can join them. It would be great, because the only option to be able to do swim workouts in Europe is to join a team that has a whole pool for themselves.

I also had the best intentions to go running tonight but I came home after 8pm (and I am not going to run on a road and there is light nowhere else). Hm, life of a working person is hard....

Today I have figured out what I would like to be when I grow up. I want to be a wife of a German engineer. (Actually I have figured that this would be a perfect "job" ages ago) But not any German engineer. One of those that are expartiated (that might be a made-up word) to let's say the US. He will earn a shitload of money and of course I will not be allowed to work (because expats' spouses are not) so I will have to be a good German wife taking care of household and kids. But since I probably won't have any kids I will do whatever I want to do. Like for example train like a pro (assuming my ITB gets better).
I better start making frequent visits to our R&D center....


  1. Lol. Nice career goal. ;) GLAD you forced yourself in the pool! Take what you can get! ;)

  2. hahaha! you kill me hahhaha