Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend training log


Long run. 42min :) I can some kind of artificial hill now far from my place and I has been wondering what it was. However it takes me longer to get there than I was ever willing to run so I could not get there (I could have walked of course but now we are talking running). But on Sat I did it.
I it just a very weird hill in the middle of fields with cross and some stones at the top. In Slovakia we have hills like this (they are not artificial though, but have crosses at the tops) and they are called "gallow hills". You know, they used to hang people there and it was always on hills so people could see people hanging and I guess it served to deter people from whatever they used to hang people for. But I doubt this hill here served that purpose.
I spent few minutes on the top of the hill, stretched the ITB and than walked downhill (not pushing my luck. Downhill running is the worst for my ITB) so I took around 4min rest in the middle of the run.
Knee felt good, no problem at all. I was just soooooo happy to be running outside in the sun.

Then a longish ride, 1h45min. I wanted to do 2h but I was faster than usual or something because I finished my planned route it quicker. Maybe I am getting into shape. Or I am getting energy from sun because this weekend we had the first real spring-like weather days. Loved it!

I did the same run as on Saturday again. I know that it might have been little too much but I could not constrain with such a nice weather. No ITB problem now, but we shall see tomorrow whether it was stupid or not. Let's knock on wood together.

Then the swim workout with H96. Sunday's are long swims and today it went something like this:
200 w/up
2x100 IM (hm, ok this was quite modified because I had no idea what the order of styles is:))
6x50 buoy/paddles
4x50 25 kick/25 swim
100 backstroke
4x200 tempo
800 tempo
400 tempo
200 tempo
100 tempo
200 c/d
I liked it a lot. 800 was ok, but I felt how my poor arms were getting weaker and weaker on following intervals. I think that I did pretty well though.

I just finished watching Kampf der Titanen. It was not bad, although I think that I like the old movie better. And this one ended differently. Strange, why do they change movie endings like this?

We have finally changed to summer time so my plan for next week is this. I need to write it down otherwise I will forget and not plan ahead and won't do half the things:
Mon bike
Tue swim + run
Wed bike
Th swim + run
Fr bike + swim
Sat bike + run
Sun swim


  1. Looks like you are getting into a groove. So happy for you that you can run. I swam today, first time in 2 months; I did well but my arms are paying the price now, ouch!

  2. Yes, it seems that I indeed am:) I actually like it here a lot, I can even imagine staying here!

    I just re-read the post and it is pretty obvious that I was not concentrating on writing but on watching the movie (in a different language) because my grammar and sentence constructions are horrible:)