Saturday, March 10, 2012


I am talking about the rapacious desire to have more more more MORE MORE MORE.
Yeap, I am greedy, I desire more.

I ran 20min yesterday and it was the best thing ever. But I wanted more. So I did 30min today. But it is still not enough for me.
I am thinking maybe I should try a double one of these days.

I think that there might be something into that correct running technique. You see, I probably had had a good technique. But then when I started to have these ITB problems I changed my technique in order to "land lightly". Which tured out to be that I land on my toes and do not touch the ground with heel or mid-foot at all.
CH told me to land little bit more "under me", on my front foot of course but roll more to my heel. I should be touching heel to the ground.

Come to think about it, since I am always only on my toes than my knee (or ITB) must work more to stabilize my leg than it would have to if I was more on the whole foot, right? Makes sense, does not it?

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