Saturday, March 3, 2012

Training in Hannover

I promised a training update, didn't I?
Last time I did something training realted was last Saturday. Geez, I hate that.

I was originally worried about how training will go here but it turns out it is not that bad.
Of course I still do not have a routine, which I hate hate hate! I love having my training routine. Scratch that. I need to have a training routine! Otherwise I am one huge slacker:(

I went to a pool yesterday. I walked in, looked at the pool, turned on my wheel and walked out. I was not at the pool deck of course, only in the hall. There were way too many people. I think that the problem was that I went there directly from work. Maybe if I went some othe time it would be better. But maybe not, I do not know. There are quite a few pools here but everything is kind of far from me, so I need to go there on my way to work or from work. There is one pool not far from my work so I am going to try going there before work on Tuesday (pool is closed on Monday). Which means that I need to get up at 5am. Blaaah. I need to toughten up, I became a sissy since my high school years:)
If that does not work out, I am going to try one pool each day and see whether I find something where I can actually swim.
Oh I miss my Michigan pool!!!!!!!!!!!! But I do not miss biking and running in MI.

Hannover is a great city for biking. There are bike lanes everywhere. In Paris there are bike lanes too but you share with cars, whereas in Hannover you share with pedestrians so it seems safer. But of course I do not use those lanes in the city.
I live at the border of the city so it was very easy to get out of the city into "countryside".
I was out for 1h20min and I have not even touched a road! There are bike paths outside the city as well! How awesome. They go in every direction, it will take me weeks to explore everything.
I met few guys on road bikes and one guy on a tri bike as well. Those paths are very good, you can definitely go fast. But of course sometime you cross a road or go through a town (there are lanes as well but they are paved with those squares/rectangles so they are not as great as paths outside cities).
So I should be able to get in good biking. The only problem is that I come from work at around 6pm and it is already dark so I cannot really bike on work days....

And running! I did 30min today, ITB was good, although I felt it a bit afterwards. Anyway, there is miles and miles of trails 4min fo running from my doors. There are fields right outside my house and these fields are separated by trails/roads/horse trails. So it is soft and perfect for running. I met few runners but mostly people walking dogs.

Once I figure out my pool situation and once it is enough light outside at least until 7pm then I should be able to put it some good training hours in.
Or maybe I should get a light and I can ride my bike even in the evenings. I need to think about it more. I am not sure whether it is safe enough.

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