Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday randomness

Day startrted pretty well. I got out of work early and was able to do a bike ride! Weather was gorgeous, sunny and quite warm. Biking here is great! So European:) By which I means there are little villages and roads connected them are smooth and wide and there are almost no cars and then there are cars the drivers are very considerate. So pretty sweat.

By the way, here is a video of me skiing in case you are interested. I am not one of those two skier at th beggining. I come later into the picture, that one person (in orange jacket if you can see that) alone on a slope. I should get a pair of those nice carving skies, which will allow me to make nice smooth turns without sliding. My father has a pair of those and they are pretty sweet.

I went to the PT guy again today. It was not as painful as last time because I have a huge bruise that goes from my mid-thigh to the knee and trying to massage that would be too sadistic. So he worked on my calf (which is also horribly tight) and on loosening up my knee cap because my rigt knee is not as flexible as my left one. That hurt though. Ouch.
And he also did some chiropractical things, among them also something with my rib cage. It was weird. He kind of like slid his fingers under my lower ribs from stomach side and was doing something. Weird. I started laughing eventually so he let it go:)

Best part it that he did not take any money today. Must be because of my blue eyes, or because I agreed with that rib cage adjustment. Juuuuust kidding. Since he did not do any serious massaging I was there only around 25min.

Unfortunately he is out of town next week and then I am on a business trip at the beginning of April (to Slovakia:) Kind of sweet, since this business trip allowes me to stay home for Easter), so I will not be able to get PT/massage for next two weeks.

Here is a picture of my bruise. Can you see it?
It does not look that big, you can see one part of it but when I removed the tape we saw that the bruise runs much higher, the tape was just covering it.
Combine this with the bruises and road rash from last week's bike crash and I look like a wife of a violent professional boxer (a very short one, because all my bruises are under my waist).

And here is the picture of my new taping.

Then I went swimming. Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, I went to the bathroom before jumping into pool where I realized that my monthy girly thing is starting....So I changed, packed my things and went home since I was unprepared for that. Swimming this week is not going according to my plan:(

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