Thursday, March 8, 2012

Anyone knows how to get MRI in Germany?

I have decided that I am going to get an MRI.

I really think that this might not be a simple ITB issue. Maybe MRI will tell me something that will help me to fix the problem.
Maybe it is something that can be fixed with a simple surgery. Who knows?

And although I am not a really serious athlete (although I am still thinking about 2016)PPC is right. She said that if running makes me happy then I should seek the most advanced treatments to get it fixed. And I have many many years ahead of me when I could be running.

Although I should have probably pursue this when I was in Slovakia. I was bored and I could have had everything figured out. But since my ITB did not hurt back then, what was I supposed to do? Go to a doctor and tell him that although my knee has not hurt for few months I still need an MRI? That would be stupid I think.
So now I am in Germany and have no free time/vacation days and no idea how/where to get MRI. Although, I have no idea how to do it in Slovakia either but at least there I spoke the language flawlessly and I could have asked. Whereas it is not that easy here. Although I know that MRI is called MRT here:)


  1. ok, i have no idea. BUT of all of the people I know who would be likely to be able to swing an expensive, diagnostic medical test in a country they just moved to, where they don't speak the language (or do you... sorry... not sure), i would vote you "most likely to" for sure!

  2. Hm, go to the hospital and ask for one?
    Seriously, this is what I would do!