Sunday, March 11, 2012


I did one. Of course, it was not a competition, it was self-organised training run-bike-run:) And my transitions were longer than they should be, they consisted of foam rolling, drink, change of cloths.

It seems that threatening my ITB with MRI and surgery scared it because I have ran 3 days in a row and so far so good. Interesting, last week this time it did not feel that hot and now it feels allright. I guess that I should not be running this often but I am GREEDY!
I think that doing two short runs a day is the best way to increase my running mileage. There is not that much strain on my ITB.

So today I ran 30min, then I did 2h bike ride and then 20min run. That last run did feel kind of horrible, at least the last 10min. My calves felt kind of strange and I was not sure whether ITB will survive it because it felt as if something was pulling on my knee from calf. I actually cut that run short, by like 30sec. But ITB still feels good so it was probably just a fluke.
I guess that is what happens to you when you are totally out of running shape. Oh well. I have around two months to get in shape because there is sprint duathlon in Slovakia at the beginning of May and I should be there then so maybe I can do it. But it is so far ahead that million things can happen to me by then.

(But I am still looking into getting that MRI. Health insurance should pay for it but I need referal from an orthopedist. I have found one orthopdist klinik that can take me after work but the earliest available date is May 3. Too late for me:))

Bike ride was fun. Seems that my body getting used to that stupid bike because neither my bottom parts nor my neck and upper back hurt today.
Hannover is a horse and potatoe farm land. Seriously. There are horse farms everywhere, one is only 4min run from my house and I meet at least 2 horseback riders every run. I have seem only one Kartoffel Verkauf farm but I am sure there is more of them.

I am tired. What one short bike ride and two short runs can do to me!?!

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