Monday, February 27, 2012


I went to see an orthopedist today and he told me that I have ITB problem. Really?!? So far this ITB problem has been diagnosed by me (self-diagnosis), 2 American PTs and one Slovak orthopedist.

He told me that he would prescribe physical therapy and electric stimulation treatment. Unfortunately I am leaving on Wednesday so I cannot do it but I have already done both PT and electric stimulation treatment and although it might help to calm itb down and stop immflamation it does not prevent ITB to flare up again.
He prescribed some kind of anti-inflammatory powder to put into water and some kind of healing muscles/joints etc gel.

But that does not help me to get rid of it completely! I told him that I was told to do hip strengthening exercises but he said he did not recommend strengthening exercises but stretching streching streching.

He also ordered rontgen just to make sure there is nothing else in that knee. I am going to try to have that done tomorrow, but I will not have a doctor to look at it because this orthopedist does not work tomorrow.
I will try to have it burned on CD (if such a thing is possible in this funny middle-aged hospital) and then try to find a doctor to have a look at it.

I do not know anyone like that.
Don't you know anyone who can have a look? Just a little peak to see whether everything is ok.

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