Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thinking long-term

I am a very impatient person (but who is not?) and I want to see results ASAP, better yet NOW!
But I think that I am getting wiser:) Although to be honest, it has probably nothing to do with age but rather with my ITB history.
My old me would probably try to follow some kind of crash training to prepare me for summer racing. But my present me, with some guidance and help from a very wise PPC (seriously, she is one of the smartest, nicest, realistic, and generaly very knowledgeable people I know and I am really lucky that I can ask her for training advice and she keeps me in check. And although sometimes it might seem that I have not my own opinion because I basicaly agree with everything she says, it is not that. I agree with everything she says because what she says only supports what I have been thinking myself but I was not sure), is going to keep it easy and think long-term. Solve the ITB issue is the priority numero uno and be patient and just keep logging miles and miles and putting money into bank.

For example: I went running today and my original plan was to try 50min. However, around 16min in I started to feel tingling. Although I was tempted to do 4 more minutes to round it up at 20 (not sure why, but now it sounds like some kind of obsessive disorder thingy) I kept it on a wimpy, errr, I mean safe side and did not do those 4 min. I just walked back.

I am not sure whether it was my ITB or the soreness resulting from yesterday's massage. ITB does not hurt now but when I apply pressure at it I think that I can feel it. But it seems little lower than usually so maybe it is something different. Anyway, I decided to play it on a conservative side.


  1. Thought of you when I read this blog...

  2. Thanks! I wish you would think of me when you read something more cheerful:)
    Geez, there are so many (some even conflicting) recommendations.
    One guy in the comment describes how she fully extends her leg in front of her and then slams it down and brakes, which puts a lot pressure on her ITB. I think that it is what CH was talking about that I kick my foot forward and as I touch the ground I brake. Now I am working on not doing that and landing under me not in front of me.
    I also started with a scary PT guy yesterday and he did all kinds of adjustment, massage and popping my bones everywhere (even back and neck), so we shall see whether that leads somewhere.
    I am still trying to make an appointment with an orthopedist and persuade him to order MRI for me, however, it is impossible to find someone who can take me sooner than mid-May. Unbelievable.

  3. Ugh, so sorry to hear this darn ITB is still bothering you....I am glad you are being so smart...that is the best thing you can do, even though it is not the easiest for sure!

  4. wow. i definitely do not feel worthy of that and after taking care of a sick toddler and newborn all week, i definitely don't feel "nice" but thanks!
    don't read too much into the tingling, i mean as always be careful, but i am guessing that it stems from the hard core treatment you had yesterday. i have had similar - treatments that hurt so bad you almost feel nauseated right?? anyway it's not necessarily your it band flaring up again but just recovering from the treatment. you should ask buddy if it is ok to run the day after he hammers on your it band.

  5. PPC, you are definitely worthy of that!

    The PT told me to go running the day after, to see how it feels, whether it hurts or not. So just following orders:)