Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Race or not to race...

There is a 10k race next weekend in a nearby city and I am considering doing it.
Not that I am itching to race because I do not like racing that much (especially when I am not in tip-top shape) but I am interested to see what I can do. I hate doing "fun races", definition of a fun race being a race when you are not trying to win/PR/beat someone, but I will do an exception this time:)

However, I cannot decide whether this race will hurt me more physically or psychically.
Will I get over 43min 10k? AND/OR Will my ITB survive it?
I do not know. ITB seems to be a higher risk, I get over bad races quite fast. And in this case I even have several very valid excuses, like for example running a total of 60k since last September and not even biking or swimming properly in last 2.5 months, so I cannot even count on the general fitness since I lack that one too. So yes, I will get over that 10k fast.

Ok, maybe I am itching to race a little bit:) Last time I did a running race was in Jan last year so of course I would like to run a race!

Plus this race starts at 12:30pm (not like crazy US races that start at 7am) and it costs 6Eur (not like crazy US races that cost 30USD). Plus all participants have free entry to a nearby swimming pool:)

Basically, I am in "mentaly". Physically, I shall see how ITB holds on in next few days. I ran 20min yesterday and 30min today and so far so good.

I am 100% positive that now that I said it out loud my ITB will start protesting! Just wait till tomorrow. Stupid ITB. It is like it had it own brain! And it is always "playing" against me!


  1. hmmmm this seems to have very little upside (it would be fun to race again after so long, possibly meet people, access to pool) with important downside (risk of re-injury for an unimportant race). if it were me, i would WANT to go but probably would not. or go spectate, meet people, pay the 6 euro if you really want to swim... but why risk it??

  2. Thanks for the input!
    My head says the same thing. I WANT to go in my heart but brain says one big fat NO.
    The problem is that all races have the same downside, don't they? When can I be sure that I do not re-inflame (???) the ITB?
    Thus the dilema.

    Maybe I could try to find a 5k, on a soft surface....

    Btw, I really do not care about pool and I am not too social so I probably won't meet anyone. So it is all about doing a running race!