Saturday, February 25, 2012

1500m swim test (and bike pic)

It was quite horrible. I had no idea how to pace myself so I kept it on a safe side (surprise, surprise!!! I meant that iconically) and I end up with 26:15 in lcm (50m pool).

I could have kept going at that pace. Nothing hurt. Oh well, I will do better next time:)
I am such an unexperienced lousy sissy swimmer.

I washed the bike on Tuesday but then I did another bike ride on Wed and the bike was filthy (mud, salt etc) and since I am keeping it here my dad ordered me to wash it:)

But he had to cave in and let me do it in a bathroom:) Now the bike is like new. Ok, was like new because I went for a bike ride afterwards. But roads were dry so it is still pretty clean, although little "road dusty".

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  1. it's weird, i had been obsessively checking my blogroll, even more than usual as if i was waiting for some big news but i wasn't conscious of what it was, then when i saw yesterday's post i realized, THAT had been the news i had been waiting for. congratulations!