Saturday, February 25, 2012

Moving preparations

Thankfully (or maybe not) I am not moving furniture and all similar crap so it is not a real move.
All I need is a bike, some run/bike/swim cloths, shoes and of course some work cloths and shoes.

A lot of things have happen in last 3 days. I have received an offer, booked a flight, signed work contract and signed apartment lease. Unfortuantely there is still quite a lot of unknown, but I will deal with that along the way (Mon and Tue since I am leaving on Wed morning). Contract is for 2 months, then we shall see what happens, hopefully I will have work visa or something like that by then.

One not-so-good thing is my apartment because it is on the other side of a city and it will take me probably one hour to get to work by train (or whatever it is they have in Hannover). But since company is paying for my apartment I am not complaining. Good thing though is that it is not in the centre, but rather on the edge of a city thus I can go biking very easily somewhere in the countryside (if Hannover has country side, but I suppose it does) and do not have to deal with city traffic.
Btw, I am not taking my TT bike (which my parents are thrilled about because right now it issitting in my room covered with mud and it will probably stay there). I am taking my old road bike (if you can call it that, I bought it in Walmart for $150 when I was in college). I still have not decided whether I should try to have the cassette changed so I have powermeter but I probably won't do it. I might sometimes use the bike to get to work and for getting around. Ok, I am leaving powertap at home for now:( I will train with HR.

But being a real athlete that I am, I already have researched some bike routes at It seems that there is some kind of a cyclist living near me because there is quite a lot of routes uploaded by him. So that's cool, I should be able to get in some good biking with the help of those maps. Although I am not sure when since I will get home at 6pm and it will be dark already. I am not taking trainer with me.

I also did swimming pool research and there quite a few so I will have to go check them out and see which one I can use.

Running. I can run everywhere (theoretically of course since I cannot really run).

What else? Really nothing. I am going for my last team swim today- 1500m test. I am little scared, I will let you know how it goes.

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