Friday, February 17, 2012

Subway, yam!

As of today I have officially eaten Subway sandwiches in 4 different countries. US, Canada, France and I had teryaki chicken in Slovakia today.
American and Canadian subway teste basically the same. At least to me. And they are very good. French subway was not anything special, not very good. Slovak one was ok, not as good as NA one but not as bad as French one.
And Slovak Macadamia Nut cookie is the same as American cookie. Very good.

It was little strange to order the sandwich here. I am so used to order in English (foot-long on wheat bread, Swiss cheese, not toasted, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoe and green peppers, no dressing) and I couldn't find proper words to order it here. I was blabling (self-made word) like an idiot:)

BTW, I did a 1 hour-long run today. Put my yak-trax ( I'm too lazy to google a proper name) and I was all set to plug along in one foot of fresh snow. I liked it, although I would prefer spring-like weather.


  1. Congrats on the run.
    I had Subway in Romania - not v good:)

  2. I had subway in Slovakia. I was visiting my best friend who was teaching English in zilina. I think the subway was in Bratislava if memory serves me. I don't speak Slovak and no one there spoke English so I think i had turkey but who knows.