Tuesday, February 14, 2012


There is indeed a huge difference between swimming alone and swimming with people. I went to the team swim workout today and we did 6x50m all out. I have done 50s all out before, I did my very best and I worked really hard to be as fast as possible. But of course I'm faster when swimming with (or more like against) other people because I would be damned if I did let a person in lane next to me beat me:) Sure, it always depends who is in a lane next to me, some people are just too fast for me, but today I was next to a guy that swims approximately as fast as I do.
And it was great!!! (It would be even better to have a girl swimming next to me, because who cares if I beat a guy, women are my competition, right?:))
At the end we also did relays. Those are a lot of fun. Although me being a competitive person I do not like putting me loosing/winning into someone else's hands. So they are just fun.

I am with no doubt the slowest person there when we do drills/catch-up etc. It is pathetic. But I am no close to being last when swimming. I have no idea why I am so slow doing those drills. Hm hm hm.

By the way, I have run 1h today and my legs hurt. My pure leg muscles. They are not used to running.
Running is horrible. I am running very slowly. Like 9+ min miles slowly because I am trying to keep my HR around 160. Hard on my ego. Or good, depends on how you look at it:) I have no idea how some people have HR <140 when running. Or some pregnant ladies that don't let their HR over 155. I blink and my HR shoots higher than that.

ITB is ok. I felt a little bit of the pressure build-up last week and decided to skip two of my runs. ITB is great again. We shall see how it continues...

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