Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I met someone

I almost fell off my feet today. Well, technically I was on a bike so I almost fell off the bike.

So I am pedaling and pedaling (in my aerohelmet, skiing gloves, skiing socks and basically my usual biking gear) and suddenly I hear something behind me. And then a TT Cervelo (T3) pulls by me. Then I almost fell off my bike. So I am not crazy after all. Cool!

He asked me who/what I was because apparently all triathletes in Slovakia know each other and he has never seen me. He was also surprised that I am a girl because apparently there are not that many female triathletes and even less on TT bikes and Cervelos.
He also knows CH because he used to take swim lessons with him.

So it was kind of cool that I randomly met another triathlete.

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