Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I really want my routine back

I originally wanted to write about how I am not happy about my training lately. I have no routine, which I hate. And biking is horrible there days. The trainer is too loud to use in an apartment building. Even when I am on a balcony it is still loud. I personally do not mind but I can just imagine how annoying it must be to the neighbors. Nobody was complaining yet but I am expecting someone any time now. Plus it is too cold now and the metal frame of the balcony is very rigid now and when I go faster the whole balcony structure starts to vibrate. Not good. Thus I basically cannot go fast enough to get my HR to 140+. So it sucks. I was thinking about sucking it up and go ride outside but I do not have any helmet here. I do not know where my parents put it, even they do not know, probably in that weekend house and helmet is obligatory by law here. So I cannot even go outside. Well, I can buy a helmet but that would be a complete waste since I have good 2-3 helmets somewhere around.
Therefore I was pretty frustrated about my training yesterday.

I just realized, maybe I can use my aerohelmet, which I brought from the US. That might be little stupid though. What do you think? Maybe I will try it. Very few people here know what an aerohelmet is so they would not know what an idiot I am. Hm, I need to think about it. Sure, if it is like -10C outside I am not going anywhere. But it is sunny outside, maybe it will get over 0C. I would have to switch tires as well.

Thankfully I went to swim practice in the evening and I felt better afterwards.
It was quite long workout! The longest intervals I have ever done. W/up around 750m and then 6-10x350 until we can keep the pace. Once we slow down a lot then we are done.
Some people were swimming only 300s and CH told me to do the first one only 300m to see whether I can actually keep up with the 350 group. He believed that I can do it but wanted to make sure:) I could keep up with them so I was doing 350s afterwards.
I was swimming 5:38-34 (I am not sure what rest we were having since there is no pace clock, but it was somewhere around 90sec) for the first six. I felt that I was loosing form and my poor arm muscles could not really pull anymore at the end. But since I have not slowed down yet I did the 7th one. Here I slowed down by almost 10sec so I was done for the day. Phew.

We went 10sec one after another, I went last and I was in a lane with 2 other guys. It really helps to have someone swimming with you. Although it was not really my competitiveness that pushed me, I was more worried that the guys will lap me and that I will slow them down. They did not lap me so all was good:)
I think that I did pretty well in this workout. CH said that maybe he can make something out of me although he also told me that I still have a lot of work to do:) I think that the proper swimming form that he is trying to teach me goes totally out the window when I try to go faster. Oh well.

Ok, I am going to check the temperature, switch tires and look up my skiing gear.

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