Thursday, February 16, 2012

I have enough of this

You remember my plan of doing nothing for few months? Well it is nothing like I expected/wanted it to be. I was hoping to do 20hour training weeks and basically play recovery for the rest.
Instead CH makes me do only 11-12h training weeks and I watch TV like 8 hours a day. I watch all those CSI LV, NY etc. I'm already so good at that that I can tell who the murderer is by seeing the character and analysing their face expressions (it's either supposed to be like that and it's a very good acting or it's a very bad acting). That happens to you when you watch 8 hours/day of that stuff.

It's horrible but I don't know what else to do. I don't know anyone here and there is nothing to do here either. Weekends are allright since we go skiing but other days are just boring.

I hope it's over soon. Maybe I should tell CH to let me do more or something.

I got a job offer here in Slovakia today. 33% unemployement rate among recent graduates and I do 1 interview and get an offer. Am I good or what?:)

I was supposed to start my German job on Feb 1. Then last week the US told me that they want me to start on Feb 20, everything is set up and Germany will contact me soon with details. Since nobody contacted me I have decided to be proactive and contacted Germany. Turns out that the person responsible for me is out of office until 27th. US people almost fell on their butts when I told them that. They had no idea. So we have to wait till 27th. Good thing that I have already dealt with HR in this organisation thus I'm not surprised or worried.


  1. Yes, I find a good way to start a relationship with a new coach is to pester them to let you do double the training they are prescribing :)
    You know... even though i am so busy right now that I am sometimes put off peeing, I still feel for you. I totally relate to that dreadful feeling of lack of structure and not being sure what to do with one's time. Even though I bitch and whine about how busy I am - I secretly love the stress and hectic pace (though I do wish I got more sleep and more time to train).
    finally, wow. a job offer? congratulations! what did you tell them and what is the job? hubby has this theory that canadian companies LOVE hiring people who have left canada, worked in the US and returned. not sure i buy into it ...

  2. You are being ironic about coach/trainee relationship, aren't you? I can't really tell:)

    I agree, being super bored is much worse than being super busy.

    Financial operations analyst, whatever that means:) I said yes. We have at will employment for the first three months so I can change my mind when (if) Germany finally sets everything up.