Friday, February 3, 2012

Pool fun and the longEST run (in like forever) and bike fail

Stupid trainer! I was supposed to do 90min bike ride today but that stupid trainer started to do strange noises and I think that our neighbors started to bang on the wall (although I am not 100% about that but I think so) so I called it quits after 20min. Makes me super angry! I tightened all the bolts on the trainer and will try it again tomorrow.

Also, I ran 50min yesterday. 50 minutes! I checked and it is the longest run since March 1st when I ran 7 miles.
So far no problem.

I did another team swim workout yesterday. It was not real workout since our coach was spending few minutes with each of us (and there was around 15 of us) to look at out videos.
My feet are too low and bend my elbows to late and pull without not fully bent elbow. But as I learnt we all have the same problem with bending elbows and keeping high elbow.
Then we did relays, which was fun. I think that now everyone thinks that I am super competitive:) We did 50m relay, then 50m breastroke, then 25m butterfly/25m backstroke, and 50m freestyle. Coach asked me how I was doing because I was working as if it was world championship:) It was real fun, I even jumped of the blocks and did not even kill myself.

And my life update. Obviously I have not start in Germany on Feb 1st:) But US company proposed to Germany to have me start on Feb 20th but Germany has not answered yet. So we are all still waiting. Still do not know where in Germany it will be.

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