Monday, February 6, 2012

It better pays off!

Have you heard about cold temperatures in Europe? Somewhere in Czech Rep they had -39F (which is also -39C), poor people. Max in Slovakia was around -27F at night 2-3 days ago. I do not know how cold it is at my parent's town because I sleep at night but it is definitelly not as cold because they are in south and it's not in mountains.
When I woke up at around 8am it was around 9F so I decided to postpone my bike ride until it warms up:) Well, when the temp did not went over 18F at 1pm I figured that there is no sense in waiting longer.
I knew I will freeze. I did 70min yesterday in 21F and I was cold. And today was even colder.

I had my skiing socks and another pair of socks (I was surprised that my foot fitted into my bike shoes), 2 pairs of pants, skiing gloves, hat, and multiple layers on top. I was ok except for my toes.
I was supposed to do 80min but I cut my w/up and c/d short 10min so I did 70min.

My poor powermeter CPU almost froze, it stopped showing numbers towards the end and usually that part of the trainer where fluid is stored is completely hot after the ride but not today. Maybe I should stay inside next time. I hope this torture pays off in races.


I have ZERO runnign fitness. Really, ZERO. I did 10min easy, 30min with 1min easy, 1min faster, 10min easy today, and I almost died during those 1min faster sections. It was horrible. I am actually sore now. Blah. Running sucks:

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  1. Yes, my mom said they had -32 average in Romani, code yellow! Crazy! And here it is early Spring. I hear you on running fitness. I did a tougher run yesterday and am sore now; I used to run much harder and no soreness. We will get it back, though:)