Saturday, February 18, 2012

Again one of those &4!Shit!n&? posts

ITB does not feel that great today. F***! WHY?!? I have been doing my PT exercises and I feel the improvement?!?
It does not hurt but I feel it is not 100%.

I am not running tomorrow and then I will see how it goes. But I am going to talk again to CH about this running thing.

I did not do anything training related today. I went to see a volleyball match. It was not that great although it is out highest league. I should have played volleyball instead of running when I was a kid, then I would not have this stupid ITB problem and now I would be able to do whatever I want to. Plus volleyball is not as hard as running, or biking, or any endurande sport.

Ok, I am going to foam roll or something.

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  1. BLAH! I read the title of your post here and my immediate thoughts was SHIT I hope it's not her ITB. strengthen your glutes and hip abductors!