Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I am not that smart

Most people would probably realize that puking all night Saturday, eating nothing on Sunday (and I mean NOTHING) and having one small blueberry bagel, bowl of cereals with orange juice and couple crackers on Monday will not be enough to get you through a long tough workout on Tuesday.

But, well, I am not that smart. And I am not a perfect eater in general and I am never sick so I had no idea how my body would respond to this, so although I suspected it would be a struggle I decided to try. I was supposed to do 1k @ 3:46, 2x2k @ 8:00, 1k@3:46 and I took me 1k and 1k of 2k interval to realize than the workout is not going to happen.
I felt good in the morning, I did not feel tired or anything, even biking to school was ok. Warm up went so-so and stretch and strides felt good although I was breathing harder than I should have been.

I have no idea how I managed to run 3:46 for the first k. I was literally crawling. It did not feel hard, because I felt I was jogging/crawling, it was just weird.
Then I started 2k interval and I went through 1st k in 4:03. But by that time I have probably consumed all the energy that was left in my body and it started to be a misery. It was not like I could push through because I just could not.
So I jogged another 1k or so to cool down and called it a day.

I wish I had eaten one of those pumpkin pies on sale I was dreaming about yesterday. Maybe that would have given me enough energy.

So I went to eat a huge portion of salad, veggies, tuna, chicken, cheese mix and will eat something normal (and maybe a very small piece of a pie) in the evening and will do the second workout attempt tomorrow.

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  1. You are actually a lot smarter than most athletes! Many would have tried to persevere through that and then ended up in a deeper hole. You tried, realized it wasn't there today (and recognized WHY) and did the smart thing. That takes some athletic maturity to do what you did. Good choice!