Sunday, November 28, 2010

Not fun

My sister was here for few days and because I did not want her to wait for me until I am done with workout so I switched my second workout of the week to today. Now I wish I have not because I have been puking the whole night so the workout apparently did not happen.
I think I got food poisoning from Fettuccine Alfredo last night. I managed to drive all the way from Vegas to LA but once I was home it started. I feel better now because I have spent the whole day in bed. I am hoping to be 100% tomorrow. But maybe it is not a poisoning, maybe I got a bug, which I hope not. We will see later.
My poor sister, I am sure she did not imagine her last night in LA listening to me throwing up and I even could not take her to the airport:(

Other than this, Vegas trip was fun. I lost $1 gambling:( And we went to see Chippendales show and one other show called Le Reve. They were both fun and I got 3 kisses from Chippendale guys.


  1. i'm sorry you are so sick, but i have to let you know that i love your blog. so entertaining :)

  2. Thanks for trying to cheer me up:)

  3. 3 kisses from Chippendale guys? Sorry. You're not allowed to complain about anything ever again! Lol.

    Just kidding of course. I had the 24 hour flu on tuesday last week and it was horrible. I couldn't move all day. In good news, after about 24 hours it just lifts and you feel back to normal. Hope that's the case with you!