Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My beginnings as a cyclist

My mom sent me this today. It is not of a very high quality, but what do you expect since it is a photo of a negative film.
Cracks me up.

Honestly I do not remember this but my mom's says that she is surprised that I don't because that was when my dad tried to teach me to bike without supportive wheels. I was around 5.

Apparently I was so scared to fall that I screamed and cried as if they were cutting me and people would look out of their windows to see what's going on and then ask my parents what the heck they were doing to me:)

You see that sweater I am wearing? It used to be my uncles' (he is 43 now), then I wore it, then my sister, then my cousin and then my other cousin. I would not be surprised if my grandma had it in her closet saving it for my kids:) Thinking of it, I am sure she does!
I still have few jackets from my uncle I wear when at home (yeah, I am completely fashion unconscious). And yeap, that's true, they have not fallen apart yet. Basically everything made in Soviet Union or in that area was made to outlast you and they did a very good job. Nowadays, you can threw things out after few years because they start to fall apart. My mom hates Chinese stuff.

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