Friday, November 19, 2010

Pre-race thoughts

I did 7.5 easy miles + 5 strides today, my last run before the race on Sunday.
ITB feels good, not 100%, but very close. I roll it at least twice a day, stretch and ice 1-2 times a day.
(I am taking the foam roller with me home for Xmas, I cannot survive without it! I am sure that such a thing as a foam roller has not arrived to a small town in Slovakia with 1000+ population yet so need to pack it into my luggage. Although maybe in a city where my parents live...Hm, I do not think so. If you do not live in a capital, you cannot get these highly specialized gadgets. Or maybe I will be surprised.)

I went over my training log and I should not have done that!!! I started to feel confident but now I am deep in doubts again.
In past 3 weeks I was supposed to run 5x a week and my mileage was supposed to be in low 40s.
In reality I ran 3x one week and 4x other weeks and my mileage was in low 20s. It was not my laziness or anything similar, it was the ITB giving me troubles after 5k race in October. I know I had to be careful if I wanted to even run this race. I know if I continued running normally it would get worse and lead to time off. So it was a good call to run less. But I still feel guilty for not training properly. I have learnt my lesson in 2009, now I am being very disciplined.
But this time I have not done any biking and hardly any swimming.

Sometimes it is just better to be in an innocent unawareness :)

Oh well, should be fun times on Sunday!
I am actually excited about the race and am looking forward to it.
I want to see whether I can push myself to my goal time even if I might not be well prepared.

Just need to keep thinking about that $150+ haircut I can get! :)


  1. Good luck!!!!!
    Don't think--just run!!!
    You will do great.

  2. I agree with Mad. Don't over think. Stick to the plan. Make yourself hurt.
    3 weeks might not be a ton of time to gain a lot of fitness but conversely it is not enough time to lose a ton of fitness.
    You ARE fit. Go have fun with it.
    And write us a detailed race report :)
    p.s. make yourself hurt and empty the tank!

  3. Wow, you wrote "make yourself hurt" twice. You really mean it!?!

    I will!
    Rather die 500m to go than be able to run another 500m.
    And btw, I read somewhere that you actually don't just die like that, you faint first. So it's not that bad.

    When I went to pick up my bib today the guy giving them out asked me whether I was going to win because I looked fast:) What a confidence booster! Of course I said "Yes"! (I did not want to get into the whole debate about my goal being just to run 18:50s, so I kept it simple and to the point:))

  4. I think just thinking you look fast also makes people around you think you look fast. Way to exude speed, girl. Yep- I also totally agree with Mad - don't think - just run :). You're hopefully doing that at this very moment, actually.