Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Executory plan fail

It seems that winter is here. I had to bike to school in capris and not shorts today and yesterday. :( I do not like it.

I had a really weird workout today. I do not know what I was thinking when I put this onto my schedule.
5x800 where 1st 400 @ 5k pace and 2nd 400m at sub-3k pace, at least 5sec faster than the first one, then jog for 3.5-4min.

It was not hard, but I just was not able to do it right. I either went out too slowly or too fast.
It went like this
1:31, 1:27, total 2:58. Too slow.
1:31, 1:26, 2:57. Better but not perfect yet.
1:28, 1:26, 2:54. Went out too fast and hm, I cannot run 1:23...
1:32, 1:27, 2:59. It is 5sec but too slow overall.
1:30, 1:25, 2:55. Finaly the perfect one!!!! I got one right at least.

It is hard to change paces. I have always sucked at it and workouts like these will hopefully help me so I might do it again:)

Then I went to the gym and stretched and rolled A LOT! I must take care of the ITB.
When I was going to the pool afterwards, I realized, ups, I had forgotten to cool down after the workout. I do not know what I am thinking about. Oh, I know, probably that this and next and the week after are finals weeks for MBA program and I had to prepare like million presenations and write million papers and my sister is coming tonight and I have not planned her trip yet.

I went to the pool to loosen up. Normally on Tuesdays I can do a workout with a group (of two people), but since I raced on Sunday and did running workout today I decided to pass on that opportunity. I borrowed one of those floating things you hold between your thights and worked on my arms technique. I am think I am getting better. I will probably force my sister to come to pool with me for 10min and make a short video of me swimming so it can be analysed:)

Ok, I am off to do a consulting project proposal presentation for one of my classes. I do not like speaking in from of people.

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