Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Photo from Sunday race

I found 4 photos close to the finish. How I know? Because a cute chicked guy is not hanging on my shoulder and each of them look like it hurts a lot.
This one is the "nicest".
I am flying above the ground. And my arms cross in front of my core, not good.

Today, I went to bed at 2am because my sister's flight got delayed... Got up at 7am to get in 5 miles before she wakes up so we can hit the road.


  1. Yes. Wow! Look how high off the ground you are! Try imagining that you are running under a ceiling that is about 3 inches over your head. Don't get a headache... ;) That might help transition some of that bounce to forward movement.

  2. you look like you found the hurt!
    the good thing about your stride is that you appear to be forefoot striking, often athletes towards the end of a race stretch out of their stride and wind up heel striking and therefore braking on every step.
    but of course it's hard to tell anything from one picture.
    except you're a hottie! :)