Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Second attempt

Today was supposed to be a BIG day.

Because it is the first day I am officially doing also some tri training!!! Yeah, yeah, that's right.
Of course I do not know anything about tris and swimming and biking and nutrition so I have some outside help:)

But instead of officially becoming a quasi-triathlete today, I kinda became not being even a runner.

I re-tried yesterday's workout today and went through first 1k interval no problem, feeling good, in 3:45.
However, during the first 2k I started to feel tired and weaker but it was not too bad, I went through it in 8:01.
Then I started the second 2k and I had to stop after 800m because I was crawling. I went through that 800m in 3:15 instead of 3:12, that's not a big difference but I just could not move faster although I tried and I was progressively slowing down and loosing the concentration and "feel" for the run (not sure how to explain it).

I tried to regroup myself (although I am sure it is not psychological, it is physiological, but I still tried), I took couple minutes off and started again, but it just was not working. I did 200m and stopped.

It makes me sad and mad and clueless and I don't even know whether I want to do 10k race next week since I am not properly training for it!

Is that still that stupid 24h bud I had on Sunday? I actually weighted myself and am almost 4kg lighter than I was 5 days ago. Or maybe I am anaemic.

I do not think that I will do the third attempt tomorrow, that will be just a waste of energy. However, I do not know what I should do since I have a race that I wanted to nail in 10 days. Thoughts, suggestions?


  1. hi mmmonyka,
    sorry didn't have a chance to answer your e-mail before now, was at work. today and yesterday's lackluster work-outs at 100% because of the food-poisoning/bug you had. i 100% absolutely guarantee it. i was planning to ask you to weight yourself when i wrote you back but you already did the job. 4 kg in a few days is huge! you are dehydrated and under-nourished and probably still recovering from the bug. it can take a week or so to come back from something like that. here is my suggestion, tomorrow, friday and saturday easy jogging or off. we`ll reevaluate on sunday as to what to do next. regarding the race, i think you`ll pb no matter what but it`s a question of, will you still have fun knowing you`ll possibly be running slower than you otherwise would have i.e. is the experience of racing a 10 km and probably running a PB worthwhile or are you going to be too frustrated if you don`t perform around where we otherwise would have expected you to. but i`m getting ahead of myself.... easy tomorrow, friday and saturday. remember, you DID do a work-out already this week even if it was slightly incomplete.

  2. Ughh I hope you feel better :)

  3. rest...something is up...take care of yourself. you won't lose fitness.