Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I did one of the stupidiest things in this training cycle today.
I did my long run - 9 miles. One day after my hard workout yesterday. And I knew that 9 miles would be a close call for the ITB but it went ok. Although I felt tingling at the end, I do not feel anything now.
I had a 6 miler and a 9 miler planned for this week and since I will be in a new place on Fr, Sat and Sun and I do not know whether there are any trails (I am not running on a road!!!) and I do not want to end up doing 9miler on a 100m grass stretch. I can do 6 miles back and forth (maybe) but not 9.

So 9 miles today and 6 miles and 1 small work-out during the weekend.

And I really need to get back on eating-right track. I have been eating fancy food past week but most of that was just crap without any nutritional value (eating cashew nuts and Starbursts for dinner is no good, even I know that.) So back to eating right!

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