Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mile repeats, and swim workout

Well 1600 m repeats really, because I did them on a track. So just add 2-3 sec to each interval and you should get a mile time.
5 X 1600 m with 1 minute walk rest.

I was instructed that it is really important to respect the pace which was 6:40-6:55 because of only one minute rest.
I was supposed to do similar workout couple weeks ago but that was a complete disaster so this type of a workout was new to me.

At first I was little worried, but when I start thinking about it and figured that 6:40 is pretty slow and I should be able to do it even with only 60sec rest, right?

I wanted to start at 6:40 and see how it goes. It turned out, the workout was very easy. I am obviously responding to this training plan very well.
I did not have to work hard, even the last one was pretty easy and I felt nicely controlled. Legs did not feel tired, only my shoulders were little sore (probably from carrying the backpack full of other people's water...)
I did 6:35, 6:34, 6:32, 6:27, 6:23

I am not sure whether it is ok that I go faster than I am supposed to but if pace feels too easy it makes sense to me to go little bit faster because how else will I progress.
I know that keeping the pace and increasing the number of intervals is better than keeping the intervals and increasing the speed but the schedule called for 4-5 x mile. So I could not increase the number of intervals.
Maybe I should have jogged the 1min recovery instead of walking.

This training period ends on Oct 31 and then I am sure the paces get adjusted.

Then I had swimming workout, which I loved almost as much as I loved mile repeats workout:)
I warmed up and then we did 2x100m on 2 minutes (you swim 100m as fast as you can and then rest until 2minutes are up), 100m easy, 5x50m on 1 min, 100m easy, 2x100m, 100m easy, 5x50m, c/d.
It was pretty hard, especially 50s because those were fast.
I did 100s in around 105-110sec, then 15-20sec rest till 2min are up and repeat.
50s were around 40-45sec.
I was pretty slow, but because of all that running I have endurance. So a guy I was swimming with would be way ahead for first 100s and first 50s but then on next 100s and 50s I was able to stick with him because he was getting tired. I felt like a real swimmer:)
He told me that during his collegiate swimming career they would sometimes swim 8-10miles a day! OMG, 8-10miles of swimming!!!!

I had 1-4pm class afterwards and wanted to do weights after class but I was too tired. If I do not do weights immediately after a workout I do not persuade myself to go to gym....I know, I am bad and should be more disciplined!!! Next time.

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