Tuesday, October 12, 2010


No run today. But I had to do something because I would go crazy.

I swam during lunch (little over 1.5k. Am I good or what?:))and then wanted to go for a bike ride but had to run some errands (like buying a ball for our volleyball practice, buying a rear light for my bike because I ride in dark a lot and I decided to quit risking my life (I know I still risk it but now I risk it with a light) and by the time I was done it was almost 5pm and I had to do some school work (which I did not do of course. It is a group work, maybe someone else in group will do it...) and then volleyball practice at 8pm.

It was a disaster....I will be surprised if people show up next week. Because we cannot reserve a court so there were a lot of people and ...just disaster.
And I had to play a coach. I did not make anyone vomit but I have a feeling that they would prefer that to what we were actually doing. Well, you cannot do much on 8mx8m space (because that's all we had), can you?
I need to think about solution to this because it would be a waste of time and I will be soon the only one coming.

It is way past my bed time, but I decided to drop my Goethe class so I do not have to get up at 6am to do the workout before class and I can sleep in until around 8.
Who in the US even cares whether I speak German or not? And I do not understand poetry so I am just sitting there and listening and it is not even interesting. I am sure I would understand Goethe better if I had run this race but since I did not, I do not understand. And I am sure that Goethe will not teach me business German. And I do not even get credit for it!
Plus a company I used to work for in France- film sales company- offered me to do a small thing for them during American Film Market in November and I would not be able to do it if I had this class because of a time conflict. (I am not sure whether I will do it but I am 85% positive)
So the opportunity cost of taking that class is way too high now. (It was pretty high even before, because it meant I could not do weights immediately after workout, which I am sure everyone agrees is a huge opportunity cost:) But now it is also about $$$!!!)


  1. You really ARE taking a Goethe class?! Geez louise. Don't ask me to read Faust again for you. I like the pictures below and the picture of you - I had no idea what you looked like. I like how shiny your arm looks.

  2. Yeah, I am (was) taking Goethe class, no joking!
    Shiny arms? That would be because of sweating.:)