Monday, October 25, 2010

Mini taper

Yeah, it is true, even if your highest mileage is less than 40miles a week you still can taper for a race:) Which basically means that I will run only 30miles this week.

Isn't that sweet (and little pathetic)? But I know, I know, I cannot run more for maybe next month or two and then I can try to run more and see whether ITB makes its appearance.

It is actually pretty good that I am in taper mode, because then I have more time for school and this week is loaded (1 paper, 1 presentation, 2 problem sets, 1 mid-term). Not that I am taking advantage of that extra hour and fifteen minutes I get with running 10miles less...But I am telling myself that I have extra 75minutes if I needed them and it makes me feel better and less stressed.

So I swam only 1k today since I am in taper and did not use my legs that much to keep them fresh.
I have my last workout tomorrow (I checked the track today. Full length was open, I hope it will be open tomorrow as well because I am not sure about doing 25x200 as a pre-race work-out...)

I am talking about this as if I was racing a marathon trials at least. But com'n, it is my first "competitive" race in a while, so I can get excited (and nervous and worried).

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  1. Good luck and the track and with the IT band! PS- yay I get your updates now!