Thursday, October 21, 2010

Change of plans

I had very interesting 800s work-out planned for today but when I go to the track part of it was closed for that lines stripping that they were supposed to do one month ago....
So only 320m of track was open.

My workouts are divided into different categories and I had to think really hard to remember which workouts belong to "today's" category. At the end, I was 80% sure that 8 X 200m at 1500 m pace or 1-2 seconds faster (38-40 sec) w/ 200m jog rec is there.
I have checked it now and it has turned out that I was right. Still, I should probably memorize those workouts so I can adjust easily in case something comes up.

Anyway. This was kinda hard. As usual with speedy stuff.
I felt like crap during warm up. I do not know why because I felt awesome on my bike ride to track. So I shuffled through 25min, did stretching, drills, strides etc.
I do not have problems hitting pace for longer stuff but for speed workoust I need to WORK to hit paces.
I did 38, 39, 37, 37, 37, 36, 37. First three were a real struggle but the rest were much better. I still had to push but the legs were awaken by then.

Then went to do weights. There was some event going on so I got free muscle milk- protein shake. I chose banana flavour. It was jummy. But there is NO milk in it. I do not know why they call it muscle milk then. Probably to deceive people.

Then I swam for a bit to loosen up. I tried to alternate left and right-side breathing and I am getting better at it.

Now I have class soon...blah.


  1. oh my gosh 5 months of off running?! good luck with training this time around. by the way...I would have been commenting but your updates have not been coming up in my blogger. I will try to add you again!

  2. Way to be flexible and get in a great workout! Just found your blog--look at your first marathon time! Wow.