Thursday, October 7, 2010

Some people are just not nice and do not care about the others

Today's workout was pretty eventful...
I decided to do the same 600/300 workout I did 2 weeks ago but to add the forth set into it. I wanted to see whether it is easier now. Not really. 600s were relatively easier but 300s...58 is almost like all out for me. At least it felt like that. I did 2:10/58, 2:07/58, 2:07/58, 2:06/62. Which is better than last week except for the last 300 but I will get to that one in a second.

I did the workout during lunch so there were quite a lot of people on track.
Some random people doing their lunch break runs.
There was a guy doing fast 200s and his coach was screaming so loudly that everyone could hear him. Little annoying but ok.
Then there was a group of 3 people with their coach and apparently they were learning how to do hammer throw. But they were not very good at it and everything ended in a safety net.
Then there was a group of 20 or so people doing some kind of training: jumps, runs and stuff like that.

So I do not know what happened but during my second 600 those 3 coaches started to scream at each other. What my understanding is that one of those hammer throw guys threw the hammer over the net and it landed on a track. And other two coaches started to quarrel with the hammer throw coach about it. I mean come on, it could have killed someone. They kept shouting and shouting until someone actually called the security and athletics personnel. I do not know how they resolved that but hammer throwers stop their practice.

That was first even of the day.
Second is: there was this guy doing sprints in lane 2 starting at 110m mark and he has a transparent water bottle on a line between lane 1 and 2 as a marker. Since there were quite a lot of people on track and everyone runs kinda unorganized I had to go around people and go from lane 1 to lane 2 and stuff. And during my first 600 I had to move to lane 2 and suddenly there was a water bottle right in my way but I managed not to step on it. I was like WTH, who leaves a bottle in the middle of the track. So I moved it. I did my second 600 and water bottle is back!
Then I saw the sprint guy drinking from it so I asked him whether he could move because it is pretty dangerous. He told me that it was a normal practice to keep water bottle as a marker. I mean, yeah, I understand, but if you have a lot of unexperienced people running on a track at different paces and people have to keep switching between line constantly it is dangerous. So on my next loop I told him so and asked him to move it again. He told me not to touch his bottle and again that it was common practice. Then other sprint guy came and told me that first lines are for sprinters anyway so I should not be bothered by that. What a bullshit. For faster people ok, but not for sprinters doing sprints on straight part. So I asked him that if he wants me to run in lane 5 what we were going to that at 100m mark when we will inevitable crush into each other (since I will be cutting them off at every single lap). They did not respond just grinned at me. I told him I can not see that transparent bottle so he said that if I am blind I should not be on track anyway. They were not impolite, but they just had this grip on their faces that said we are awesome sprint bigshots doing our hard sprint workout and you are obviously not experienced enough since you do not know that having a bottle as a marker is a common practice and therefore you and your tralalala pace move.
Come on! It is soooo dangerous for all those other people who can step on it. And what difference does it make to them to run in lane 4 or 5 and have that bottle there where nobody else runs. Or at least if you want to run in lane 2, why don't you put that bottle on a line between lanes 2 and 3, why does need to be between line 1 and 2? I am not a sprinter and do not know, maybe it makes difference, but during a practice?
I got sooo pissed. But I constrained myself and did not send that bottle flying over the fence out of track. But it took a huge self-control, believe me.

Last confrontation occurred before my last 300, so I got distracted, accidentally took longer rest and then just had to think about it and did not concentrate on my pace.

Ok, I was the only one complaining but I was the only one running fast. It makes a difference to step on a bottle when you run 12min/mile pace and when you do a legitimate workout. Other people probably were not concerned but I was.

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