Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Productive day

I left my apart @ 6:30am. Did workout. Went to class. Went swimming. Another class. Did weights. Group project meeting. Got home at 9:30pm.
What a miserable student life. And I took shower 3 times today.

Anyway, workout went great. Actually all my workouts go pretty great (knocking on wood). Which either means that they are easy:) or that I am on the right path.
4k sub-tempo followed by 3x1600 @ 5k pace + 5sec for 1k split. So somewhere around 6:28. I again struggled through first 1k of sub-tempo but then got into groom and it went just fine.
Mile repeats were actually pretty easy although I felt that legs were not fresh, which is good and that's what we want. I felt controlled and relaxed. I had 4min rec jog between and 4 min is A LOT! I did 6:26, 6:24, 6:20. I am a queen of negative splits actually. But seems that only at practice. Come race and I am all messed up. Actually the only race I remember I did negative split was my marathon. Pretty random, isn't it? I went through first half in exactly 1:45 (8min pace) and then after 32k I finally allowed myself to pick up the pace and did second half in 1:42.

I want to do weights on my workout days so I trash legs completely in one day so they can rest and recover during the rest days. But I do not have time to go to gym right after workout because I have to rush to class (chocking on English muffin with cream cheese, ketchup, mustard and mozzarella cheese and broccoli cuts as salad). By the way, I am of no use at this class after workout.

After class I have around 2hours which is enough time to either swim or go to gym (because I have to change, workout, take shower and all that stuff, so I would not have time to do both without sacrificing the quality). So I decided to go swimming because pool is open only during lunch hour. Second shower of the day.

Class. By now I was pretty trashed. Even the prof did not look as hot as last week.

Weights. Nothing hard because I really had to force myself to do them so I did few exercises to shut the conscience:) Just kidding, I love weights. Third shower of the day...
I was starving but it started raining so I was not in mood to walk anywhere to get food so I got honey wheat pretzels and ate those (which was approximately 1000 calories, but whatever).

Group project meeting- 2.5hours. I hate group work...

I am glad Tuesday is done. Tuesday and Thursdays are crazy. Other days I am bored. Why could not it be spread more smoothly?
I am off to bed now.

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