Friday, October 29, 2010

Hawai, Vegas, beach volleyball and...a run of course

Wow, what an eventful day!!!

I booked a flight to Hawaii for Veteran's Day weekend (Th-Sun)!!!! I am excited. So originally I wanted to go to either SF or Seattle to use my Delta miles because I do not think I will ever have chance to use them since for now it seems I am going back to Europe after I am done here:(
I do not have enough money to travel by car or bus so traveling by plane using miles is the cheapest way to travel for me. Sounds countra-intuitive but it is true.
Flights to SF, Seattle and Hawaii were the same price, $5 + miles. So for 5 bucks would not you go to Hawaii?

I am flying to Kona on Big Island airport and do not know yet what I will do there. I will either find a cheap hostel and chill out at beaches but I think that will not be fun. So I am thinking about doing Waipio to Waimanu valley backpacking trip. I can rent a backpack and tent and all that stuff very cheaply here at UCLA and just hike and camp, which will be cheaper than hostel and more fun.Or maybe rent a car and make a tour of the island from camp to camp and throw in easy hikes. This way I can both chill out at the beach and swim in a waterfall lakes. Awesome.
I have never thought that I will go to Hawaii and it suddenly happened. (Although I am sure I will regret this because I have 2 exams and 2 problem sets due the week after. Ah, WTH, who cares? With a bit of time management I can do it)

Then my sister is coming for Thanksgiving weekend and she wants to go to Las Vegas. So we will do that. Our parents have offered to pay this trip as our Xmas present. Cool but I still think that I am back to my bread and water diet that I did when I had to pay a rent for an apartment in Paris...

It is LA Film Market next week and I will be working there next week for a film sales company I used to do an internship with in Paris. It will be interesting and fun. Maybe I will meet a very important film producer or director and he will ask me to star in his next movie. Ok, that probably will not happen. Plus they will pay me:)

So this is how I spent my morning - planning all this.
And I did laundry as well. My grandmother would freak out if she knew that I put everything together. I just do not care about my cloths and plus why would I spend all that extra water and energy for multiple loads? So I always wash sneakers, underwear, t-shirts, black, blue, white, jeans. Everything together. And then when I go home and my mom sees my white t-shirts she is always like what have you done to those? Then I usually realize that they are not white anymore but more like grayish. So she washes them in a special whitening thing and they are like new again. And I can start my washing-everything-together thing over again.

In the afternoon I met some friends for beach volleyball. We had so much fun, played for about an hour.
I think that summer is back. I mean it was close to 25degrees!!! I can definitely get used to living in Cali, I love hot weather.

After I went to Barnes and Noble and read a book about running for a bit.

In the evening I did an easy 5 miler with 5 strides to get those fast muscle fibers aware that they are going to work hard on Sunday!
I have a day off tomorrow so will be little bored so I will probably write a post with my race goals.

I have found this very interesting article about progressive tempo runs. I hate tempo runs and suck at them but reading this make me want to do them. I know that everyone is different and no workout can be successfully applied to everyone but still, it might be worth to try it.

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