Thursday, October 28, 2010

I do not like days like this

I want to keep legs fresh so I could not run, bike, swim or anything. So I should have time for other fun stuff like watching DVD, TV, read a book..., right?
But I had an exam this afternoon so I could not do any fun stuff because then I felt guilty that I was not studying.

But studying is boring and not fun. This was managerial accounting exam and I was economics major at college so most things were not new to me and if I have not learnt that stuff at college then there is no chance for me to get it into my brain now. But I still felt guilty if I was not studying. So I tried but was not really studying. I was like 15 min reading through my notes and then moved to my computer for few minutes but then I my guilt would kick in so I moved to studying again, did it for 30min, then decided to eat (because eating is a necessity and when I ate I did not feel bad about it), then 55min of studying, got bored so moved to computer or started reading a book and so on.

So I have spent the whole day being bored and feeling guilty and was crawling out of my skin.
If only I could have gone running or for a walk. But I could have not, because I had to "study".

Horrible day. I am glad it is over and that I have 5miles planned for tomorrow.

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