Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mind is playing tricks but I am not falling for them

So last pre-race workout that I treated like a real preparation.

I was supposed to any combination of intervals @ 5k pace totaling 5k with jog rec of 1/2 the time between.

I decided to do 800, 1200, 1000, 1200, 800. I wanted to do longer stuff, just to give me more confidence (if it was going to work out. If I was going to fail the workout then obviously it will not be that great for my confidence...)
And I decided to strictly pace myself to see how that goes, no faster or slower. And I actually chose the best case scenario pace.
So I did 3:04, 4:37, 3:50, 4:36, 3:05. That's called THE consistency because each 400 split was 1:32+/- couple tenths of a second!

I tried to honestly assess myself during each of the intervals when I started to have doubts.
When I started to feel little bad (but honestly the work-out was not that difficult so I was not feeling really bad), I asked myself: Are your legs hurting/tired? NO. Is your breathing controlled? YES. Are you truly suffering? NO. (ok, my shoulders/arms were little tired because of leg-less swim yesterday). So it was all in my weak mind.
I need to learn not to assume that I feel bad and cannot run faster, because that's what I usually do in races. Well, I do not race that much but still. That's what I did in my last race and all through college.
It's all in my mind!!!

Another thing I have learnt is that I probably won't be able to race at my best-case-scenario pace because it is, well, too fast.
I have started this training only few months ago, so I cannot have a very high expectations (OMG, it looks I am already making excuses for failing...BAD BAD BAD).

Overall, I am satisfied with the workout. Legs felt tired last 100m of the second 1200. But then they did not feel bad on last 800. If only I could take a short break in the middle of 5k:)

I also brought my Gramin to use it for this workout because I will probably use it in race. I have never used Garmin during track workout. I used it 2x for intervals on trails and only 1x on track for (my first and so far only) 10k race and 1x in a 5k road/trail race in June. I do not use it very often. I used to use it a lot for long runs in France to figure out distances I run but now I just do my long runs on minutes usually.
But that stupid thing died after 1000m interval although the battery was 90% full in the morning. (However, I was expecting problems so I brought my watch also).
And it was showing 1.19k when it was supposed to be at 1.2k. But that's no surprise, these gadgets are not 100% accurate, especially not on track or for short distances.
So now I am not so sure about using it in race because it will probably die half way through anyway. But then how am I going to know my pace? Because I care about time not about place I finish in.
I will think about it later.

Then I did swim workout. I figured, race is in 5 days so I will have enough time to recover.
We did w/up 200, 3x100 on 2min, 100 rec, 5x50 on 1min, 100 rec, 3x100 on 2min, 100 rec, 5x50 on 1min, c/d 100.
Arms were killing me but I was actually faster on 100s than last week. I did them in 1:35-1:40min. Cool, I am progressing:)

Ran to class afterwards and almost fell asleep. Good thing it is an interesting class.

I am tired now. And hungry. And I have lots of school-related things to do for tomorrow and Thursday.

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